Born and raised in Germany, I started my career studying Digital Media and animation. After graduating from Filmakademie in Germany, I moved to Vancouver to begin working in the visual effects industry – this move has opened my eyes to the world. I have been fortunate to embrace my wanderlust for nature and the great outdoors; to travel across continents to learn about the many cultures this planet has to offer, and trek through the sea to sky.

Documenting my experiences throughout this journey, Photography has become a part of what makes me ME. It has allowed me to see the beauty and diversity of our environment, whilst being a continuous reminder of its fragility and the disruptive spiral we started.

In my photography and documentary work, I strive to capture the pure and honest moments. The beauty in nature mixed with untamed landscapes and grateful wildlife. The empathetic portraits of the people I’ve encountered along the way. This personalizes my experiences and captures what would otherwise have remained out of sight.

I am looking forward to connecting to each one of you, and tell stories that matter. To help you create compelling, visually stunning stories that make a difference and can trigger lasting and sustainable change.

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